F*** You Very Very Much

Directed by Bert Scholiers, Jonas Govaerts

Patient SH (financing)

Directed by Ivan Zachariáš


Directed by Jussi Hiltunen

#annaismissing In development

Directed by Pavel Soukup

Mocro Maffia season 4

Directed by Victor Ponten, Bobby Boersma

Mocro Maffia Season 3

Directed by Victor Ponten, Bobby Boersma

Mocro Maffia Season 2

Directed by Mustafa Duygulu, Victor D. Ponten

Mocro Maffia

Directed by Bobby Boermans, Giancarlo Sanchez


Directed by Pavel Soukup

Wartime Girls

Directed by Michał Rogalski

The Crown of The Kings

Directed by Wojciech Pacyna

The Archivist

Directed by Maciej Żak, Robert Wichrowski

The Wadden Sea

Directed by Ruben Smith

The Swell

Directed by Hans Herbots

Black Tulip Season 2

Directed by Johan Timmers, Shariff Korver, Ineke Houtman

Black Tulip Season 1

Directed by Ben Sombogaart, Vincent Schuurman, Ties Schenk

The Living River

Directed by Ruben Smit

The Forsaken, True Killers

Directed by Various Directors

Force (season 3)

Directed by Erik de Bruyn, David Lammers

The Fix

Directed by Mark de Cloe, Iván López Núñez

Meyer’s Law

Directed by Michiel van Jaarsveld

Bellicher; The Power of Mr. Miller

Directed by David Lammers, Peter de Baan

The Body Collector

Directed by Tim Oliehoek

Riphagen, The Untouchable

Directed by Pieter Kuijpers


Directed by Benny Fredman

If I Were Someone

Directed by Ivona Juka

Bellicher : Cell

Directed by Peter de Baan

Force (season 2)

Directed by Erik de Bruyn, David Lammers

Force (season 1)

Directed by Erik de Bruyn, David Lammers

The Godless (season 3)

Directed by Steffen Haars, Rolf van Eijk, Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito, Max Porcelijn, Jonathan Herman and Mijke de Jong

The Godless (season 2)

Directed by Marc de Cloe, Bram Schouw, Mischa Kamp, David Lammers, Erik de Bruyn and more

The Godless (season 1)

Directed by David Lammers, Pieter Kuijpers, Lourens Blok, Remy van Heugten, Tim Oliehoek and more