The successful EO-produced drama series ‘Van Gogh: a home for Vincent’ has been sold to South Korean distributor, Sight and Sound, by Producer Endemol Nederland and film sales company, Dutch Features Global Entertainment.  The original four-part series is to be screened in 30 digital movie theatres across South Korea as a special 100-minute film entitled ‘The Van Gogh Legacy’.

South Korea is one of the fastest growing territories when it comes to the import and screening of western films.  Other countries are also expressing great interest in the drama series which was broadcast by the EO in the Spring of 2013; captivating over a million viewers weekly.

‘Van Gogh: a home for Vincent’ tells the story of perhaps Holland’s most famous painter; Vincent van Gogh (played by Barry Atsma).  Although Van Gogh now enjoys worldwide fame, his life was riddled with conflict and strife.  The drama series also portrays the story of his nephew and only heir, Vincent William (played by Jeroen Krabbé).  Almost 70 years after the death of his famous uncle, Vincent William struggles with the burden of his legacy: the Van Gogh Collection.  A collection which eventually finds a home.