Herman Kills!

Directed by Joost Reijmers

Something Blue

Directed by Mariel García Spooner

Shoky & Morthy: Last Big Thing

Directed by Andy Fehu

Columnist, The

Directed by Ivo van Aart

Rogue Justice

Directed by Marc Willard

Promise of Pisa

Directed by  Norbert ter Hall

Cuban Love

Directed by Johan Nijenhuis

Get Lost!

Directed by Mirjam de With (Best Feature Florence 2016: Op de Dijk)

Living on the Edge

Directed by Ruben Smit

Bella Donna’s

Directed by Jon Karthaus

The Living River

Directed by Ruben Smit

Silk Road

Directed by Mark de Cloe

The Bouncer

Directed by Meni Yaesh

Lost & Found

Directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk (When my father became a Bush, Ventoux)


Directed by Hanro Smitsman (Golden Bear for “Raak” at Berlinale, 2006 and Best Feature award for “Skin” at the Netherlands Film Fest 2008)

The Matchmaker

Directed by Jeroen Houben

Lucky in Love

Directed by Johan Nijenhuis

Pound for Pound

Directed by Mikkel Serup

The Longing

Directed by Joram Lürsen


Directed by Mark Weistra


Directed by Paula van der Oest


Directed by Erik de Bruyn

A Noble Intention

Directed by Joram Lürsen

Riphagen, The Untouchable

Directed by Pieter Kuijpers

Robin’s Road Trip

Directed by Simone de Vries

You Carry Me

Bon Bini Holland

Directed by Jelle de Jonge


Directed by Erik de Bruyn

Murdered Memory

Directed by Menno Meyjes


Directed by Benny Fredman


Directed by Joram Lürsen

I Am Hardwell – Living the Dream

Directed by Robin Piree


Directed by Pieter Kuijpers