Company Profile

 Dutch Features Global Entertainment: Worldwide Sales and Licensing

Dutch Features Global Entertainment, headed by CEO Pim van Collem, is a specialised world-sales and licensing company based in the Netherlands, focused on marketing and selling high quality features, family films, thrillers and acclaimed television drama series.

Their unrivalled roster includes a unique selection of independent features produced by some of Europe’s most innovative producers.

In addition, Dutch Features distributes acclaimed TV Drama-series, such bestselling Miniseries : The Swell, The Body Collector, Riphagen, The Fix and long running drama series; FORCE ( 5 seasons) and THE GODLESS.( 4 seasons)

Since its founding in 2012, Dutch Features has established successful working relationships with leading international companies such as Studio Hamburg, Netflix, ZDF Enterprises, Pupkin Film, Sony Entertainment Television, ZDF television, Constantin Television, Studio Hamburg Enterprises, NRK, Amazon Prime Video, Red Bull Media House, Endemol Entertainment, Global Series Network, Betafilm, Topkapi Films, Kochmedia, Bavaria Media and Content Media Corp, Walter Presents.